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Church Plant Pastor (dot) org

Wow! New websites popping up like crazy!!  The permanent site where I will be writing and providing updates and news for the church plant is at


Healthy Churches Chicago

Make sure to check out the new church planting and church revitalization site we are putting together for church planting at College Church.  Let me know any suggestions you have about content to include or areas we should consider for our next plant (s).

Also, make sure to note that there is a blog on this new site and I will most likely be doing most of my blogging there.

Glorify God by Digging for Treasure

“We glorify God by working out our own salvation.  God has twisted together His glory and our good.  We glorify him by promoting our own salvation.  It is a glory to God to have multitudes of converts; now, his design of free grace takes, and God has the glory of his mercy; so that, while we are endeavoring our salvation, we are honoring God.  What an encouragement is this to the service of God, to think while I am hearing and praying, I am glorifying God; while I am furthering my own glory in heaven, I am increasing God’s glory.  Would it not be an encouragement to a subject, to hear his prince say to him, you will honor and please me very much, if you will go to yonder mine of gold, and dig as much gold for yourself as you can carry away? So, for God to say, Go to the ordinances, get as much grace as you can, dig out as much salvation as you can; and the more happiness you have, the more I shall count myself glorified.

Thomas Watson “Body of Divinity” p.13,14

Nuns Shrinking; Nones Growing

News report on the state of the church in America.  One quote that stood out from Ed Stetzer: “The number of nuns in America are shrinking, but the number of nones [those without any religion] are growing.”

HT: Brent Brady

What is planning?

“Planning is not deciding in advance every step we are going to take and then doggedly following those steps.  Rather, planning is an arrow which points a direction of the future.  You lay out the steps, take one step, and then re-plan.  Planning thus becomes a road map toward the future.  But unlike most road maps it’s one which we can constantly improve as we move further and further toward the future.

So what is planning?

  • Planning is being tomorrow-minded
  • Planning is pre-determining a course of action
  • Planning is trying to understand God’s will and responding to that understanding by our actions.

— Edward Dayton, Tools for Time Management

The Year of Living Biblically

Jason Gray writes a great review of The Year of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs.

Shepherding the Flock

“Everyone must be cared for. Everyone must be treated as valued members of Christ’s body.  And I, for one, am determined that will happen here at Tenth Presbyterian Church.  I don’t want a single member of Tenth Church thinking that they are not cared for.  Not one.  At least not because no one asks about them.  By this time next year, everyone will be able to say, ‘I have an elder who knows me and cares about me.’ Everyone will be able to say ‘I know who will help me when in need.’ Everyone will be able to say, ‘This is how I am involved in the church,’ or ‘I know how to get involved when I am ready.'” (The Shepherd Leader: Achieving Effective Shepherding in your Church by Timothy Z. Witmer, p.135)