10 Challenges Most Small Group Ministries Face

  1. What do you do about all the kids?  Babysitting / care for the kids always seems to be a concern, especially for younger parents.
  2. It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks.  Some people will just not join a group no matter how many times you invite them or tell them how great it is.
  3. There are never enough qualified, trained leaders.  Leadership training takes time and effort.
  4. Small groups can easily take on a life of their own if not given constant direction.
  5. Leadership must be involved in a small group in order for people to see the need.  Pastors and Elders must see it as enough of a priority to join one themselves if they are going to expect others to join.
  6. A lot of programs in the church on a number of different nights of the week compete for people’s time and energy.  If small groups are to succeed, leadership must consider how to streamline the schedule.
  7. Groups can become ingrown if they are not challenged and occasionally split to accommodate more people.
  8. The right leader is the most important piece of a successful small group.  It can be difficult to turn away willing people who are not ready to lead a group yet.  Sometimes the most willing are not the most effective.
  9. Small Groups cannot be viewed as one program among many, but an essential means by which the church is seeking to accomplish its goals.
  10. People are busy and it is difficult to coordinate schedules of multiple people.  Just because someone lives close to another might not mean they are in the same group because they might have incompatible schedules.
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