Strength for Today, Bright Hope for Tomorrow

This is the outline that I preached from as I spoke on Psalm 40 today at a business luncheon.

Strength for today:  Deliverance remembered v. 1-10

  1. God hears our cry- we can wait patiently v.1 (Romans 8:18-25)
  2. God sets our feet on a rock  v.2 (Matt 7:24)
  3. God gives us the song to sing v.3  (Rev 5:9)
  4. God shows how incomparable he is and how he is worthy of our trust v. 4,5  (Heb 2:8-18)

Bright hope for tomorrow: The Lord will deliver again v.11-17

  1. Because of God’s steadfast love he will preserve v.11,12 (Phil 1:6)
  2. Because God has delivered he will protect v.14 (Luke 1:71,74)
  3. Because God is great we can rejoice and be glad in Him. v.16 (Phil 4:4-7)
  4. Because God is our deliverer we can wait patiently v.17  (then back to v.1)

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