Conformity to Christ

“The Spirit works a conformity to Christ in all things…The Spirit assures us of the same privileges that issue from grace.  Christ is a son; the Spirit tells us that we are sons.  Christ is an heir; the Spirit tells us we are heirs with Christ.  Christ is the king of heaven and earth; the Spirit tells us that we are kings, that his riches are ours.  Thus we have ‘grace for grace’ both favor and grace in us and privileges issuing from grace, we have all as they are in Christ. Even as in the first Adam we receive his emptiness, curse for curse, ill for ill; for his blindness and rebellion we are answerable; we are born as he was after his fall: so in the second Adam, by his Spirit, we receive grace for grace.  Hence issues this, that our state now in Christ is far more excellent than our state in Adam was.” (Sibbes, A Description of Christ. Vol 1, p. 19)

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